Intervention of the Communist Party of Azerbaidjan by Ramiz Ahmedov


Allow me to congratulate the communists of Greece, this militant segment of the global communist movement who are celebrating the 80th birthday of the CPG, and to express my gratitude to you, the organisers of this meeting, which will unquestionably constitute a landmark on the road to creating a new Communist International.

After the dissolution of the USSR, after the withdrawal of the CPSU from the political arena, the communist parties of the republics that once belonged to the USSR suffered a tragic fate. The extremists and nationalists who took power channelled all their forces into wiping out the party; they have deprived it of all its means of subsistence. The full might of propaganda was turned against it; it was accused of all sins, persecuted, and in many places could not operate legally.

But this advance guard of the destroyers of socialism didn’t last long in power. In many republics, among which is Azerbaidjan, former leading cadres of the USSR, members of the Political Bureau of the CPSU, came along to replace unpopular regimes. This didn’t bring relief either. These «former» types, who for decades were supposedly fighting for the triumph of Marxism-Leninism, for the building of communism, now promise everybody, particularly the imperialist hawks who were drawn to Azerbaidjan by the smell of our oil wells, that they will not permit the regeneration of socialism.

The Communist Party of Azerbaidjan, overcoming difficulties and hurdles, re-established its work at the end of 1993. Then began the difficult struggle not only for our ideals, but also for survival. In 1995, our party was dissolved for no reason, it was not permitted to take part in the parliamentary elections. After a while, this illegal decision was rescinded. Later they figured out another way, and this «invention» is the sole property, for the time being, of our country’s leadership alone: some people who were expelled from the party, traitors who sold out, set up a group, and with instructions from above, were taken under the wing of the Ministry of Justice. This bastard child, the so-called new «CP» – which from its inception joined the bloc of the pro-presidential, bourgeois parties – began actively working to weaken and destroy the communist movement in our country. Which is of course was why it was created.

We believe that the confrontation with the authorities who undertook to make our country capitalist will be stepped up with new vigour. The society has been divided into a handful of very wealthy people (who acquired a vast amount of capital in criminal ways, by plundering their people) and a destitute majority.

The deceived, outraged, humiliated and oppressed people are gradually turning toward the communists, the real defenders of their interests. As a result of the destruction of industry, the agrarian economy and the other sectors of vital activity in our country, people have been tossed out onto the road starving, with no way to make a living. Today, in our once flourishing country, three quarters of all industry has ground to a halt. The collective and state farms have been eliminated. The productivity of the agrarian economy has been reduced manyfold.

Specialists are unemployed and are leaving the country. According to some sources of information, some two million capable citizens have gone abroad in search of jobs. If we take into account that the entire population of the country is just over 7 million, it is not hard to understand that the working class, as an organised force, no longer exists in Azerbaidjan.

Workers who are still employed in production are living with the constant fear of losing their jobs. People who have any relations with communists are persecuted with particular ferocity. Communists lose their jobs solely because of their political beliefs. Their protests and complaints to their superiors or to the justice machinery receive without response.

Communist have become the target of the structures of power. Many former «communists» in these structures are parasites, and have changed their beliefs for other ideas; they have become champions of the market, new capitalists. The regeneration of the communist movement, the return to socialism terrifies them, as they are afraid they will eventually have to pay for their betrayal. They are afraid to stand on the edge of the abyss, over which with their very own hands they pushed not just a few people but an entire nation.

Here, international capital is their ally. Already it has invested a large amount of money in the economy of Azerbaidjan, in the basic oil industry. Part of the country’s wealth has passed into the hands of foreign companies. International credit institutions operate freely, unchecked, under favourable conditions and are becoming entrenched. Foreign plutocrats lease a multitude of services. Civil servants and dozens of political parties are in the service of foreigners. Many of the them hold offices in the state machinery or are in the so-called «opposition», but they carry out without objection all the recommendations of their new bosses and mercilessly persecute communists who, to the degree possible, do whatever they can to open the people’s eyes, and to urge them to fight for their destiny.

The experience of recent years has shown that religion and religious leaders – whether they are Muslim, Christians, Jews or anything else – have always served capital. Up to the present, no known clergyman in my country has raised his voice in protest against the destitution, the robbery of the people, the violation of elementary human rights of ordinary people, the servants of god. I believe that people are not generally aware of the general danger of religiosity to culture.

The main slogan of the Manifesto of the Communist Party, «Workers of the world unite!» is no less timely than it was 150 years ago. World capital is as monolithic as it was then; it is conducting its offence on a single front, with a unified force against the people of labour in all corners of the globe. Will we be able to put up against it a united front of proletarians from all countries, the united force of the world communist movement?

The left forces act in a scattered way in many countries. Internationalist solidarity is expressed in rare cases. But history has often showed the strength of such solidarity. The Russian proletariat is today waging the war of the railways. It can be said with certainty that the railways and the state roads which are being blocked by the desperate workers of Russia are gradually becoming the barricades of the revolution. Perhaps it will be not only the fate of Russia that is decided at these barricades, but also the political future of the entire world. I propose that a message of solidarity be sent to the striking workers of Russia from the communists and workers’ parties of more than 50 countries all over the world who are represented at this meeting.

We support the proposals worked out at the regional and international meetings, which were expressed today in the speech of cde Aleka Paparigha, General Secretary of the CC of the CPG, to publish jointly a magazine of the world communist movement and to create a rapid communication system for the information of the parties.

I am certain that this conference organised by the CPG will constitute a good beginning for regular meetings between the representatives of communist and workers’ parties to exchange information and co-ordinate the action of the forces of the left.