Aleka Parariga

Short Biographic Note

Born in Athens in 1945. Her parents were National Resistance fighters and members of CPG.

Graduated the historical-Archeological Section of the Philosophy Faculty of Athens University.

She worked as an employee during 8 years in various enterprises accountant offices, since then it was impossible to have a public job for political reasons. At the same time she worked as private teacher. Since 1976 she is employed exclusively in party and social activities.

Her first social activities have been in 1961 in the peace movement and nearly immediately afterwards joined the pupilsí organization of the youth section of EDA party. Participated in the school movement of the "15%", in the "114" struggle and in the students movement up toy the 21 April 1967. In all this period, has been a member of the Bureau of the EDA youth section pupilsí organization and then of the "Lambrakis" Democratic Youth Studentsí organization Bureau. Has also been a leading cadre of the Athens Pupilsí organization, formed during the "15%" struggle.

During dictatorship, she joined the CPG and has been active in the political prisonersí familiesí movement.

With the end of dictatorship, becomes member of the Bureau of the City Committee of the Athens Party Organization (KOA), then active in the women movement. Founding member of the Women Federation of Greece, participated in the organization of national events for the International Women Day. Leading cadre of the women movement up to 1981, and then active in the Athens Party Organization up to 1991. During her activities in the women movement, participated in international congresses of the World Women Democratic Federation, the UNO, and in international theoretical meetings as well.

Author of Books on the women emancipation.

Member of the CC of CPG ever since the 10th Congress (May 1978) and of the CC PB since 1986. Since 1991, General Secretary of the CC of CPG.